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Stop 46: 1959 Superior Electronics and more

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Candy, Comics, and Collectibles (former Ivy Antiques and Historian Frank Laumer’s Model A truck).

     The site of 14110 7th Street holds colloquial culture and history. The shop’s very lively name, Candy, Comics and Collectibles catches one’s attention as do the trendy displays. The shelves and the stock are extensive and intriguing. The shop specializes in a variety of candies, including old school candies which will remind one of childhood or special events They also have a mammoth collection of comic books—back issues as well as collectibles, toys and action figures. 

     And now a few little tidbits of history from the shop’s past.

  Pasco County property records indicate the location was built in 1959, and it served as a Superior Electronics Shop in the new-age of television from roughly 1961 to 1967. Some time later it was a CompuMax store. The pre-911 address was 218 South Seventh. In 1989, the shop was owned by Brenda Freeman Oakley who was very involved in the Dade City Woman’s Club and Garden Club in that era. In 1992 CompuMax occupied the space. Later, Dale Anne and Frank Laumer owned the shop and the Ivy Cottage General Store and then Ivy Cottage Antiques were there from 1992 until 2020 when Dade City Candy, Comics & Collectibles opened.

   As the previous home of Ivy Cottage Antiques, then owned by Dale Anne Laumer and Jennifer Patterson. Dale’s husband Frank, was a very honored historian nationally and was known locally as the Talisman as he built a hand-hewn mansion and led walks up Fort King Road and other historical trails. His particular specialty was the Dade Massacre. Dade City of course, was named for Major Francis Langhorne Dade. 

     In regard to the shop location, Frank Laumer enjoyed parking his Ford Model A pickup outside the store, and created lively interest and occasional controversy. The entire town and visitors looked for the car as they drove into town. Dade City Commissioners were at a loss to know what to do but they did eventually acquiesce, saying the car added to the ambiance of the city. Along the way, the quirky tales of the Model A in Dade City spun many stories. When the Model A was hit by a careless driver in 2009, the site brought an entire page of coverage in the Tampa Bay Times, which added to the quirky ambiance.

      As for Laumer’s research, tales date back to 1835, when Major Francis Langhorne Dade camped along the Fort King Road near the present site of Pasco High School in Dade City on Christmas day. Upon awakening Dade informed his troops that he had just experienced a mysterious dream that visibly upset him. He had seen images of his deceased friends from the War of 1812 marching hypnotically in front of him in formation. Within hours on December 28, Dade and his one hundred and nine soldiers were killed in an attack by Seminole Indians who waited in the palmettos near what is today, Bushnell. The troops were marching from Fort Brooke to Fort King in Ocala; and Seminoles led by Ote Emathla (who was known as Jumper) numbered about one hundred and eighty. This fatalistic ambush, now known as Dade Massacre, set off the Second Seminole War. One of only two survivors of Dade’s troops, recorded the account of Dade’s dream in his journal for posterity. This dramatic story is recounted in Frank Laumer’s 1968 historical novel “Massacre!” and the 1995 “Dade’s Last Command.”

  • 1959

    Building erected at 218 South Seventh, later to be addressed as 14110 7th Street.

  • 1961-1967

    Superior Electronics.

  • 1989

    Owned by Brenda Freeman Oakley.

  • 1992

    CompuMax was the business occupying the space.

  • 1992

    Dale Ann Laumer and Jennifer Laumer Patterson opened as family owned business in which they also owned the building and it began a tradition of being a female-owned business which continues through 2023.

  • 2019-2000

    Model A Truck owned by renowned historian,Frank Laumer was parked at location. It added ambiance and spurred many conversations!

  • 1992-2020

    Ivy Cottage Country Store to Ivy Cottage Antiques.

  • 2020

    Dade City Candy, Comics & Collectibles.




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