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Stop 27: The 1912 Four Seasons Park/Agnes Lamb Park

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The park in front of the Edwinola Hotel, known throughout much of its history as “Four Seasons Park,” was laid out and planted in 1912. It was subsequently named for Agnes Lamb, the first woman to serve as Mayor of Dade City. 


     A 1905 historic postcard shows tennis players at the park on Meridian Avenue. It was developed into a park in 1912. Many events have graced the cozy little park over its over 111-year history. 


     Agnes Marie Hoffman Lamb’s husband, Jacob Willard Lamb also officiated as mayor of Dade City in 1968 after serving as city commissioner from 1964 to 1968. Lamb resigned from the mayorship to assume a state government position with the Florida Department of Agriculture. Jacob Willard and Agnes Lamb were the only husband and wife to serve as mayors throughout the Dade City history.


     Agnes Lamb served on the board of city commissioners for twenty years, three of them as Mayor. Years after her retirement the Dade City Commission voted to name the park in her honor. She passed away at the age of 88 in 2008


     Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Agnes moved to Plant City, Florida when she was 2 years old and to Dade City in 1949. She was a shining example of a public servant of Dade City, and has been described as a “Dade City Icon.” She was known for public service and volunteerism. Awarded a “Friendly Floridian Award”  from the Dade City Chamber of Commerce, and the Dick Tombrink Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994, she was a mainstay of the Chamber of Commerce. Subsequent to Lamb’s service,  only two other women have held the position as Mayor, Patricia Weaver and Camille Hernandez.


     Agnes and J. Willard Lamb operated an egg business at the Farmer’ s Market in Dade City until 1968 at what is commonly referred to a “city yard.” That Works Progress Administration (WPA) building and surrounding grounds served as the first Pasco County Fair site in the 1930s. With its characteristic limestone surfacing it was characteristic of the New Deal WPA structures; unfortunately, it was recently torn down yet the site serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving precious historical buildings as two Dade City Mayors toiled at that location.


    The structure was documented in the historical directory of the City of Dade City. When enjoying Agnes Lamb Park, peruse some photos of beautiful Agnes! Just behind the park, you see the iconic Edwinola Hotel building.

  • 1931

    Agnes Lamb, a native of Philadelphia, moved to Plant City with her family.

  • 1936

    Agnes is a graduate of Plant City High School.

  • 1941

    Agnes participates in the Plant City Strawberry Festival as a candidate for Strawberry Queen.

  • 1941

    Agnes Marie Hoffman engaged to J. Willard Lamb.

  • 1949

    Agnes and J. Willard Lamb moved to Dade City from Plant City. They operated a retail egg business from 1952-1968.

  • 1963

    An unexpected number of voters turned out for yesterday’s municipal election when J. Williard Lam and Charles Touchton, Jr. were assured seats on the city commission for four-year terms Photos.

  • 1968

    To retirement: Served as Head Bank Teller at Commercial Bank of Dade City.

  • 1970

    Jacob Willard Lamb, former Dade City Mayor died. He resigned his post as mayor about two years ago when he became an inspector with the State Department of Agriculture.

  • 1975

    Mayor Agnes T. Lamb has been authorized to sign an agreement that may lead to the purchase of a well to add to the city’s water supply.

  • 1977

    Mayor Agnes T. Lamb signs proclamation for the opening of the new Garden Center at the Dade City Garden Club.

  • 1986

    Incumbents on the Dade City Council were re-elected: Agnes Lamb, Bill Dennis and Charles McIntosh.