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Stop 21: Pasco Motors

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The next space has been most commonly known as Pasco Motors throughout its history. The current occupant, ZoneWorx  follows the tradition of Pasco Motors who accumulated seventy years of service at 14341 North 7th Street (or previously 401 North 7th prior to 911 address changing).


   ZoneWorx is a new-age business that occupies the former Pasco Motors site. Parallels exist as both ZoneWorx and its predecessor, Pasco Motors reflect technologies of their time and age. ZoneWorx is a workspace site that recruits all types of business operations in their spacious caverns of offices. Their website pens ZoneWorx: creates a seamless experience with integrated reservations, meeting room management, professional sound & video recording room, along with warehousing and manufacturing opportunities. 


     In 1948, Edwin L. Madill purchased the business site for $12,000 from Jesse E. and Ivan S. Myers to house Pasco Motors.  


    The business of Pasco Motors however, precedes the 7th Street location as it operated in the Fleming Building and elsewhere beginning on April 9, 1920. 


     Pasco Motor Company bought out Dutton Auto Company of which Alva Erasmus “A.E.” Frazee was a proprietor. Dutton and J.J. Brown built their garage at the very location where the town’s livery stable had been housed; the livery stable was constructed by Mr. Thompson around 1900. 


     Dutton was completing the building facing the south side of the courthouse when Frazee came along with an offer he could not turn down.  


       Members of Pasco Motors included Lewis Jackson “L.J.” Gaskins and N.K. Williams. Plans were in place for the new company to handle Chevrolet and Columbia Cars, Racine, and Goodrich Tires, and the Samson Tractor. They announced that Irene Parker would be the accountant mistress.  


Advertisements ran in every issue of the Dade City Banner Newspaper!


     By 1994, they had more than 40 employees and a regular inventory of more than 200 cars at what was then 401 North 7th Street. Their slogan was “Customer satisfaction is standard equipment.”


     A 1995 holiday message proclaimed Pasco Motors had a commitment to the community since it opened at the 7th Street Location. Owned by Buddy Newsome from 1975, Pasco Motors proclaimed it was proud of its full-service department and body shop… that offered a 24-hour wrecker service. LeRoy Hauff was instrumental to the business and served as General Manager throughout his career.


    The dealership closed its doors in 2017, with seventy years of service. 


     Looking across the street you will see an interesting conversion of a hardware store to a catering location.

  • 1900

    Brown Barn Livery Stable was built by a Mr. Thompson and a Mr. Caskeli operated a hardware store upstairs.

  • 1920

    February 6th: Livery Barn on Pasco Street facing the courthouse was sold by J.J. Brown to A.E. Frazee. Frazee arranged with Dutton Auto for building of garage.

  • 1920

    October 22: new garage which A. E. Frazee was in the process of building for Dutton Auto Company was sold to Pasco Motors (W.H. Dutton and W.V. Gilbert of Dutton Motors and L.J. Gaskins and N. Williams of Pasco Motors); selling Chevrolet, Columbia Autos; Racine & Goodrich; and Sampson tractors).

  • 1947

    November 18: Pasco Motors opened on Seventh Street with two employees.

  • 1948

    Edwin L. Madill purchased business site for $12,000 from Jesse E. Myers and Ivan S. Myers on North 7th Street and will erect a 90 x 72 feet building to house Pasco Motors Company where ZoneWorX located in contemporary times.

  • 1967

    LeRoy Hauff joined and was named to Pontiac Master Sales guild in 1990.

  • 1975

    Buddy Newsome purchased dealership.

  • 1994

    Pasco Motors had more than 40 employees with a regular stock of 200 cars.

  • 2006

    Pasco Motors purchased the Case Brothers Hardware Store at 14352 7th for a parking lot.

  • 2017

    Pasco Motors closed.

  • 2022

    ZoneWorx opened in space.