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Frequently Ask Questions

Below are answers to many of the questions our users have. If you have additional questions, please fill out our contact form here.

Chunking out the tour is advisable as a large amount of information with historical photos and documentation are included.

Stop 40: The institution of the Chamber has existed since 1922. The beautiful building is at 14112 8 th Street, Dade City, FL You may want to stop in if you are interested in obtaining a printed copy of the historical house tour from
the Chamber as well as brochures and information about resources of the community.

Stop 25: The 1892 Pasco County Jail is now The Locke Inn Bed and Breakfast. 813.431.7131

The funds will be used for the upkeep of the website, printing of tour pamphlets and QR mini-posters, and miscellaneous marketing and events to commemorate Dade City historic locations.

Per Pasco County, the 1909 courthouse is a working office, and entry is by swipe only. When a public meeting or county commission meeting is taking place, it is open to the public. Folks are allowed to walk around the 1909 courthouse and peruse the various plaques such as memorials of pervious commissioners, including the dedication plaque to commissioner Sylvia Young. Similarly, guests may peruse the new Law Enforcement Memorial (as soon as it is completed) as well as Stop 2: Gazebo/World War II Memorial (note one may view the Gazebo on the exterior but the steps are chained off as entry into the gazebo is only for special occasion. The 1909 courthouse is accessible for wheelchair/handicap access on the “East” side. Contact for the 1909 courthouse is at 352 521-4111extension 4638 Marie Miller (receptionist, Cheri)

There are two parking lots off of Meridian Avenue near 8 th Street as well as parking along 7th and Meridian and parking near the Spoke Center on Church Avenue.

The tour has printed verbiage, and time lines for nearly every stop on the website; consequently too, for visually impaired individuals, a video narration is available for each stop.

This will differ from location to location.

Stop 9: 1961 Pioneer Florida Museum and Village at 15602 Pioneer Museum Road, Dade City, FL. This is a 21-acre hands-on facility of frontier Florida exhibits and artifacts and a history center; please phone 352- 567-0262 for an appointment to visit the history center; Stop 6: Hugh Embry Library at 14215 4 th Street is a wonderful resource with an array of history books; stop in and particularly look for: “Historic Places of Pasco County by James J. Hogan, , Alice F. Hall and Edward J. Herrmann; Images of America: Dade City by Madonna Wise, and A Haunted History of Pasco County by Madonna Wise; Stop 12: The Heritage Center/Museum at the Atlantic Coastline Depot Building is an additional resource with artifact displays and has asked not to be included in the walking tour, but you may check their website for open hours and accessibility.

Stop 47 Lighthouse Books, ABAA and Stop 59 The Book Shack are historic sites with book stores. Other locations such as Stop 61: Lanky Lassies provide some book sales.

Yes, these are driving stops listed as ‘bonus’ locations and include: Stop 32: The 1971 Kumquat Growers; Stop 10: 1936 Pasco Packing now the Dade City Business Center; Stop 9: 1961 Pioneer Florida Museum and Village; and Stop 11: German POW Camp site from World War II.

You will find an array of wonderful cuisine listed from Dade City at: Dine- Discover Dade City; Also the stops on the tour with dining and bakery facilities include the following: Stop 8: 1916 Ford Garage contain: Kafe Kokopelli; Rolando’s Cigar Lounge and American Pizza Oven; Stop 16: 1935 Sinclair Service Station is Perk’s Café; Stop 20: 1923 Highlands Motors now the Block houses The Brew House; Stop 35: 1909 Griffin Building contains Postmen Coffee Company; Stop 37-38: 1909 Front Street with the City Market Building housing the Green Door; Stop 45: 1916 Coca- Cola building is Olga’s Bakery; Stop 49: 1926 Clark’s Motors is Farm House Café: Stop 54: 1925 Telephone Building is Matter of Taste Stop 58: 1920’s Williams Department Store is Lunch on Limoges; Stop 61-62 1926 Essie Coleman Building contains Angel Tea Room and Lanky Lassie’s Shortbread; and more!!!

As a self-guided tour, you can enjoy the tour as a walking tour or online at your leisure. Because of the extensive number of historical locations, one may enjoy the tour more fully by making several

Key times for events include the annual Kumquat Festival which occurs on the last Saturday of January (2024 marks the 27 th annual event); Church Street Christmas which occurs in the heart of the historic area for two to three days during the third week in December; and the Pasco County Fair which takes place annually during February. See many additional events at: Events- Discover Dade City for a full-list of events.

Stop 11: The Naomi Jones Park; Stop 27: 1912 Four Seasons Park now Agnes Lamb Park; Stop 30: The 1969 Price Park: Stop 41: Hardy Trail; Stop 52: 1988 Touchton Park with historical plaques that will provide information about early Dade Citians; Stop 70: The 1983 W. Glenn Lester Freedom Park.

Yes, Seminole Wars: Stop 9: Extensive history at Pioneer Florida Museum including re-enactments; Civil War: Stop 1: 1909 courthouse, Stop 9: Overstreet Home at the Pioneer Museum; Manifest Destiny: Information on the Armed Occupation Act of 1842 and the Homestead Act; Florida Statehood: exhibits at Pioneer Museum; Woman’s Suffrage: stories of trailblazing women: Stop 1: Sylvia Young; Stop 61-62 Sarah Elizabeth “Essie” Coleman; Stop 64-65 Frances Treiber; Stop 66: Christine Mickens Stop 72: Naomi Jones: Stop 27: Agnes Lamb; Stop 61-62: Margaret Angell and Mary Katherine Mason; Tobacco: Stop 3: Sunnybrook Tobacco Plant; Citrus: Stop 10: Pasco Packing et al; World War I and II: Stop 14: National Guard Armory and Stop 2: Gazebo; World War II: Gazebo; Stop 11: POW camp, Stop 42-43: Spoke with discussion of American Legion Hall.

Stop 1; 1909 Courthouse; Stop 5: 1926 WPA City Hall Building; Stop 7: 1916 City Hall that housed city council offices, jail cells and fire department; Stop 13: The 1979 Robert D. Sumner Judicial Center; Stop 25: 1892 Pasco County Jail; Stop 76: 1915 Volunteer Fire Department Stop 77: Ice Plant; Dade City Utilities evolving into Tampa Electric (Dade City).

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